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Coach Speak

saeed akramThere are many criteria which I consider while selecting a kid before the training. Age is a very important aspect. According to me ?sooner the better? concept prevails. The age should be more than 8 years, keeping in mind that child needs some time to be mentally prepare for the game as well with body strong enough to hold the willow. Apart from that I look out for the basic inclination towards the game, the passion and the
willingness to work hard and constant surge for improvement. The natural flair is an added advantage. I feel proud to say that Virat possess all these qualities ever since he has joined,
at that time he was 8 yr old. I as a coach have to put
in lot of extra effort whenever I feel a potential in a kid. I take it as my responsibility to nourish him/her. I have to spend extra hours in observing & correcting. Although my responsibilities include preparing schedule of training, diet, net practice, and gymming for my students..

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