Fitness Training

Fitness Training
Physical fitness is crucial and improves every facet of the cricketer's game.

Each cricketer will have his own fitness training programme which reflects his specific needs. The majority of the time we will bring the cricketer out of the gym - garage will be his play ground for these fitness sessions.

Besides improving overall levels of fitness, the programme will focus on those areas specific to the needs of the game of cricket e.g. the fitness needs of an opening batsman are quite different to those of an opening bowler.

A fitness test is carried out in October, January and March. All tests are performed in accordance with Cricket India’s standardised fitness test protocols (including 20 m sprint times, jump heights, turn times). In addition, skinfolds are taken by an accredited tester (ISAK level 1) to assess body composition. Individual fitness reports are provided to each player. These reports can be sent to your coach at home.

Fitness Professional – S. Akram
S. Akram is remembered by many for his role in coaching and advising the Delhi Cricket Team Tour of Uttar Pradesh.

He has made a difference to many individual and corporate lives and is used regularly by professional footballers, international cricketers and world champion surfers.

S. Akram has had a number of seasons as the strength and conditioning coach to a number of teams in the IPL and has recently been appointed to head up the strength and conditioning for the Western Warriors.

S. Akram is responsible for the fitness development for the cricketers within this Australian Cricket Experience.

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